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San Diego County Named Among Top Employers For Women

(SAN DIEGO) The rest of the country is discovering what many County of San Diego employees already know: they work somewhere with a bright future where they can make a difference.

That’s according to More magazine, which conducted a national poll to find out what women over 40 are looking for in a job, followed by a comprehensive search to find positions and companies that provided those opportunities.

The magazine cited the position of “Community Service Coordinator/Manager” as the number one opportunity for midlife women, and named the County of San Diego as a “Gold Star” organization for providing these types of positions. Within the County, these positions would include volunteer coordinators as well as some program directors.

The magazine recognized that about 36 percent of the County’s jobs are occupied by midlife women, including Heidi Moore, who has worked for the County for almost 23 years, and currently manages volunteers and special events for the Department of Animal Services.
“It is a great work environment. So many of us are drawn to public service because we really are making a difference and getting important information out to the public, and if you are here for the right reasons, you are happy in your job,” said Moore.

Women polled for the article agree, saying that one of the most important things about a job is that is has meaning and gives you the ability to make a positive contribution. Other important qualities included: a job in a growing field with a bright future; a high level of control or freedom; a job that is appropriate for women over 40.