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Meet & Greet of New Group, "51% - A Woman’s Place Is In Politics"

(SAN DIEGO) – The latest event of the newly formed group, “51% - A Woman’s Place is in Politics,” invites women of all walks of life to meet and interact with key political leaders who care about women’s livelihood. This Meet & Greet takes place at Universal Hillcrest in San Diego, Tuesday, November 10 from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Their guest is newly appointed Sheriff of San Diego County, Bill Gore. Bringing 40 years experience in law enforcement, Sheriff Gore now oversees 4,000 employees while managing the department’s annual budget of about $600 million. Participants will learn how the County addresses the needs of local women, why the job of Sheriff is an elected position and how to work with officials to ensure women are protected from crime.

51% was co-founded in Spring 2009 by Lisa N. Sanders, daughter of Mayor Jerry Sanders and Tryce Czyczynska, writer and host of Coffee & Conversation With Cool Women. Females comprise 51% of the global population and as such, deserve a prominent voice in politics and policies affecting women, men and youth. As co-founder Sanders explains, “Growing up with law enforcement in my family, I learned the importance of being involved. As a woman safety is especially important. That is why I am excited to have Sheriff Bill Gore as our next guest. Our members will be able to ask important questions of our Sheriff involving women’s safety and more.”

The Meet & Greet events hosted by “51% - A Woman’s Place is in Politics” are free to attend, open to everyone of all ages, and are non-partisan.

This Meet & Greet features the inviting, lounge-like setting of Universal Hillcrests’ Garden Patio with cushioned booths, ample fire-pits, light food and drinks available. The event opens with a half hour social including informal introductions by both Sanders and Czyczynska, followed by a half hour live interview of Sheriff Gore by host, Tryce Czyczynska. The event closes with an additional hour mixer. Participants are encouraged to speak with and ask questions of Sheriff Gore, both one-on-one and through the hosted interview.

“51% - A Woman’s Place is in Politics” holds calendared Meet & Greets at various locations, each highlighting at least one political guest or policy maker. All events provide women an opportunity to interact with people in politics and each political guest gets an opportunity to network with a predominantly female audience. This is a free public forum for women to get involved in politics, to talk directly with politicians and policy makers, and to connect with other women interested in bettering women’s lives.

Universal Hillcrest is located at 1202 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103. For more information email 51percentSD@gmail.com.