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SDGLN.com Copyeditor Morgan M. Hurley to Appear on Stephanie Miller Show

(SAN DIEGO) On Tuesday October 27, Copyeditor, Morgan M. Hurley wrote a story on what is sure to be a hot topic in next year’s November election- the idea that a ban on divorce in the state of California is the next logical step in protecting traditional marriage. Earlier this morning, Hurley confirmed a request to appear by producers of The Stephanie Miller Show.

In her article, California Divorce Ban Gets Approval for Signatures, Hurley reported that John Marcotte, a California father of two, has received a green light from the California Secretary of State to begin gathering signatures to get the California Protection of Marriage Act 2010 on next year’s ballot. If passed, the measure would outlaw divorce in the state of California. Said Marcotte, “The next logical step after Proposition 8 to protect the sanctity of marriage.”

He believes if people supported Prop 8 but not this measure, they are hypocrites.

Since its inception in September 2004, The Stephanie Miller Show has become one of the most important and fastest growing shows in progressive talk radio and can be heard across America on radio stations, on Sirius, via podcast, or through live streaming on the Air America website. Miller’s fresh voice and political satire have been cultivated over years of experience as a media personality and comedienne. Her discussion with Hurley is sure to be enlightening and comical.

Although Air America is no longer available in San Diego, listeners can catch the show on-line at www.stephaniemiller.com. If you are in the Los Angeles area you can tune into AM 1150 + all radio stations nationally that carry the Stephanie Miller Show.