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Gossip Grill Opens Tonight

(SAN DIEGO) The wait is finally over. After months of plotting, planning, redesign and redecoration, Gossip Grill is finally open for business.

Located on the northwest corner of University Avenue and Normal Street, Gossip Grill will be a chic, sexy, and fun dining experience catering to a vast and diverse crowd. Masterminded by the original owner of The Flame, Chris Shaw, he and his team envision a place where women can gather, dine, drink, and escape from the day. Shaw has also been behind the scenes of several other local popular and successful venues (Hamburger Marys, Baja Betty's and Urban Mo's), further proving his credibility in the community's social scene.

Leading his team in a management role is the extraordinary Moe Girton, with a service staff so sexy the YouTube promo video they posted last week has already been viewed over 1,100 times. But it’s not just the hot new-hires that have people gossiping- the news that staff bartender Emily O’Bannon will soon be appearing on the new Fox musical comedy Glee, is spreading like wildfire.

The show has become a smash hit since it premiered on September 9th. Earlier this week, the cast's rendition of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" was certified Gold for digital sales in excess of 500,000 downloads, and to date, over two million Glee songs have been purchased online. Los Angeles Times writer Mary McNamara calls it, "the first show in a long time that's just plain full-throttle, no-guilty-pleasure-rationalizations-necessary.”

O’Bannon, who is also the drummer for San Diego based alternative/rock band Runhoney, was cast to play the drummer in the Jane Adams School for Delinquent Girls band. The Glee team will be competing against the Jane Adams School for Delinquent Girls at regionals.

“[Runhoney’s] producer Alicia Champion is in contact with a woman in Los Angeles who places musicians in roles on different TV shows,” said O’Bannon, noting three other local women were cast alongside her. “She sent our pictures in, the [casting director] took a look at them, and that’s pretty much how it happened.

“It was really cool to be a part of that whole set. The filming took place before the show actually came out so we were hanging out with a bunch of the cast. Now when I watch the show I find myself thinking WOW- how cool!”

The episode of Glee featuring the Jane Austin School for Delinquent Girls band is scheduled to appear on Wednesday, November 11th and will be shown on all the televisions throughout Gossip Grill.

When asked how she felt about that, O’Bannon laughed. “Hopefully it won’t be too embarrassing for me. I’m flattered that everyone is so supportive already. It’s awesome.”

Yet despite the ultimate coolness of appearing on the upcoming episode, O’Bannon is equally excited to be a part of the Gossip Grill team. “I expect that people aren’t going to believe it when they see it. The space is awesome, and it’s an amazing group of people. Everyone is thrilled we’re finally opening. I’m super excited for everyone to come into Gossip Grill and check it out. And I’m super excited for people to realize they’re going to be spending a LOT of time here.”

Girton agrees. “Opening The Gossip Grill has been an amazing rush. It’s been a lot of hard work but it’s definitely been worth it. The space is very eclectic, sexy, chic, but in a comfortable home like setting. And the food is absolutely incredible.” Chef MaryJo will be overseeing the magic of the kitchen. The creativity put into the menus and drink names will have you in stitches.

Gossip Grill opens today at 2pm. For more information visit thegossipgrill.com.