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Church of Scientology: "We're NOT Anti-Gay"

(SAN DIEGO) The Church of Scientology now states that it is NOT anti-gay after the resignation letter from award winning Director and writer Paul Haggis went viral on the internet over the weekend.

Haggis was incensed that the Church of Scientology San Diego had openly supported Proposition 8, and had asked repeatedly for the National Church of Scientology to do something about it. After ten months nothing was done and Haggis resigned as a member of the church, stating he "could not be a member of an organization where gay bashing is tolerated."

Tommy Davis, the church's national spokesperson, became the beacon of the negative publicity. Haggis addressed his letter to Davis and referenced his many previous attempts to get Davis to take action. Davis is now trying to refute the claims.

According to MSNBC, Davis now says, “The Church of Scientology San Diego had been put on a list of churches that supported Proposition 8 out in California. It was incorrectly included and named when it should have never been on the list to begin with.”

To further negate the letter from Haggis, Davis stated that Haggis wanted the tax-exempt church to be more active politically against the Proposition, but they were unable to do so. This statement is in direct opposition to what Haggis says prompted his resignation from the church after 35 years.

To read Paul Haggis' resignation letter in its entirety: