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“Protect Yourself" Series Begins November 5 at The Center

(SAN DIEGO) – Fifty & Better Together, Family Matters and the Women's Resource Center are pleased to offer the free Protect Yourself Seminar Series, beginning November 5, at the San Diego LGBT Community Center (3909 Centre St., Hillcrest). The sole purpose of the Protect Yourself Seminar Series is to ensure that the LGBT community has resources to address life and business issues in an open and informative format. This free series will include three seminars: November 5 (Wills, Advance Directives and Beneficiary Issues), December 3 (Adoption/Family Planning), and December 17 (Financial Planning). All seminars begin at 6 pm and childcare will be available (cost of $5 per family) to those who RSVP ahead of time. To RSVP for childcare, please contact Jane Schmoll at (619) 692-2077, ext. 121, or email jschmoll@thecentersd.org. To RSVP for one or all of the seminars, please contact Abby Schwartz at (619) 692-2077, ext. 212, or email aschwartz@thecentersd.org. The Protect Yourself Seminar Series is coordinated by Nikole Atterholm at Webster Insurance Agency.

Seminar details are as follows:

Wills, Advance Directives and Beneficiary Issues
November 5, 6-7 pm at The Center

Although issues such as wills, advance directives and beneficiary matters are important at any age, there are particular legal and financial documents that become progressively more important to address as we grow older. The LGBT community must be proactive in determining which of their loved ones have the power to make medical decisions, legal authority over financial matters and primary care providers. Equally important are addressing decisions regarding your loved ones and how they will be provided for in the event of your death. Danielle Barger/The Law Office of Danielle P. Barger, APC, Tracy Webster/Webster Insurance Agency and Kelly Nilsson/MetLife will be speaking on these important topics and how you and your family can protect yourselves.

Family Planning and Adoptions
December 3, 6-7 pm at The Center

There are many questions for couples that are in a committed relationship, domestic partners and married couples have regarding starting a family. There are many options available to the LGBT community, however navigating the logistics can be cumbersome and confusing. Rivka Israel-Moss, Marcus Family Law Center, PLC will help you navigate the resources available and answer any questions that you have during this informative seminar.

Financial Planning
December 17, 6-7 pm at The Center

Same-sex couples need to take additional precautions in order to ensure that their loved ones are protected. Even in states where domestic partnerships are legally recognized, the federal government does not recognize these unions. Because of this it is imperative that LGBT couples go the extra mile to create legal documents to protect themselves, their assets and their loved ones. Tracy Webster/Owner Webster Insurance Agency, Kelly Nilsson/MetLife and Danielle Barger/The Law Office of Danielle P. Barger, APC will help you become more organized, prepared and protected.

For more information on the Protect Yourself Seminar Series, contact Abby Schwartz at (619) 692-2077, ext. 212, or aschwartz@thecentersd.org.