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Miss California to Carrie Prejean: Pay Us Back for Your Boob Job

(CALIFORNIA) October 20, 2009-- After a whirlwind of media frenzy over anti-gay comments made by Carrie Prejean during the Miss USA pageant, pageant officials are seeking a refund of $5,200, the exact price of her breast implants.

The suit was brought by K2 productions, the directors of the Miss California USA pageant, in response to a suit filed by Prejean in June when she was relieved of her title.

"Had [Prejean] heeded the guidance of the Gospel of John, who admonished only those who are without sin to cast stones in judgment, she might have avoided this legal battle," the suit states, reported E! Online.

Pageant co-director Keith Lewis claims Prejean is a hypocrite, in that she campaigns diligently for family values while posing for a number of “semi-nude photos which surfaced on TMZ.com”.

In a recent statement, K2 confirmed they agreed to loan Ms. Prejean money to pay for breast augmentation because it was Prejean’s opinion that a breast augmentation would allow her to be more competitive at the Miss USA 2009 pageant. They further state Prejean herself approached them with the idea.

Legal documents filed in court allege that Prejan reneged on an oral agreement to refund the money the company spent on getting her a boob job. The documents also allege that Prejean tried to get the pageant director fired.

According to RadarOnline.com, the allegation that Prejean tried to get the pageant director fired is inferenced from an email that she wrote to Miss Universe Organization President Paula Shugart in support of two of the show's producers taking over the organization. Prejean did not directly ask for the director to be terminated from his position.