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Straight Italian Couple Sues Over Gay Cruise

(ITALY) An unnamed middle age couple brought suit earlier this week against Grimaldi Lines cruises after realizing their three night, two day trip had been booked on a cruise for gay men. The couple is suing for approximately $4,500.

Their attorney, Antonio Francesconi told the Daily Mail that their suit was not brought due to the couple being homophobic, but due to “lost satisfaction because no one had told them their holiday was at the same time as the gay cruise,” and because the couple was not notified that the Civitavecchia to Barcelona cruise was in fact a gay cruise.

Francesconi further stated the couple was embarrassed because they ran into people they knew who were not completely out. “It was uncomfortable for all parties,” he said.

Alesso De Giorgio, one of the organizers of the cruise, feels the couple brought suit because they are homophobic.

Said DeGiorgio, “This is a clear case of homophobia. Nothing scandalous happened. It’s a clear example of how prevalent homophobia is in this country.