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Human Rights Campaign Foundation to Present Seal of Excellence to N.Y. Adoption Agency

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – The Human Rights Campaign Foundation announced today they will be presenting a seal of recognition of the “All Children – All Families” initiative to Family Focus Adoption Services. The seal is given to adoption agencies that demonstrate excellence in working with LGBT families. Family Focus Adoption Services is the first New York agency to receive this honor.

“Family Focus has been a champion for equality in its work with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parents in their journey to adopt,” said Ellen Kahn, Family Project director for Human Rights Campaign Foundation. “Family Focus provides guidance and leadership to other agencies as well on how to effectively support the needs of all families. Their superb example will lead to more children being placed in permanent, loving homes.”

The seal of recognition will be presented at the Family Focus twenty-second anniversary dinner. A long time pioneer in working with LGBT families, the agency achieved the ten benchmarks outlined in the “All Children – All Families” Promising Practices Guide, which offers examples of effective practices for working with LGBT foster and adoptive parents.

Launched in 2007 by the HRC Family Project, the “All Children – All Families” initiative aims to promote agencies and policies that welcome LGBT foster and adoptive parents. The program seeks to enhance LGBT competence among child welfare professionals and educate LGBT people about opportunities to become foster or adoptive parents to waiting children.

Over forty agencies from across the U.S are currently participating, and more than a dozen agencies are close to earning the seal of recognition.