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Registration now open for the National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) Oct. 15 — The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force announced yesterday that registration for the 22nd National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change and for the Academy for Leadership and Action is now open. The Creating Change conference will be held in Dallas, Texas, Feb. 3–7, 2010. In addition to a full program of workshops, caucuses, film screenings and social gatherings, Creating Change features the Task Force’s Academy for Leadership and Action.

“The LGBT political movement snaps, crackles and pops with an impatience for change and a strong momentum for change,” says Sue Hyde, Creating Change director. “Like our colleagues in other social justice movements, we can feel the moment for progressive change has arrived. Issues high on our agenda — from nondiscrimination for all to family recognition to ending the AIDS crisis — seem ripe for progress. Positive change beckons to us in the arenas of health care, economic and racial justice, and reproductive and sexual/gender self-determination. Yes, we can grab this moment for change and transformation, but only if we bring our best leadership skills to the action steps of advocacy, media visibility, governmental relations, and building strong and enduring organizations.”

The Academy for Leadership and Action offers sophisticated high-level trainings in a wide range of political and organizational skills. Sessions will train participants to take larger leadership roles to usher in greater social change. They include “Maybe it really isn’t about me, after all: Values and leadership for ED’s;” “Can you believe it? Three tools for reducing drama in the workplace;” and “Personal ecology: A commitment to effectiveness as a leader.”

"Let’s organize, agitate, skill build, network, learn and teach to create a transformed society that embraces full self-determination and justice,” said Hyde. “There is no time to wait or waste. Come to the National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change and work to achieve this vision in communities all over the country.”