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DeMaio and Frye To Propose Bipartisan Pension Reform Effort Request Budgetary and Legal Analysis -- and Immediate Negotiations with Labor Unions

(SAN DIEGO) As the City of San Diego confronts a staggering $200 Million-plus budget deficit, Councilmembers Carl DeMaio and Donna Frye have teamed up to propose a process to analyze and negotiate significant reforms in pension benefits that have been awarded to city employees over the years and are now contributing to the city's financial problems.

"We are concerned that the existing level of pension benefits are not sustainable," wrote DeMaio and Frye in their memo requesting financial and legal analysis be done on various options for budget and pension reform.

The memo will be discussed at length at a press conference on Monday, October 12.

Said DeMaio, "I am pleased to join with Donna Frye on a bipartisan pension reform process. We are asking that the public be given fiscal facts -- and that negotiations on pension reform begin immediately with our labor unions."