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Halloweekend Movement Comes Knocking

(NEW YORK) Last year, Halloween fell on a Friday, inspiring revelers to celebrate all weekend. This year, with the beloved holiday on a Saturday, trick-or-treating can start at dawn.

Spirit Halloween believes Halloweekend can - and should - be every year. The leading seasonal retailer proposes that costume-loving, home-decorating fans of all ages give Halloween its own permanent home: on the last Saturday of October.

"With homework, jobs and busy weekday schedules, Halloween often doesn't get the attention it deserves," said Steven Silverstein, Spirit Halloween's CEO, who is leading the uprising. "We're tired of seeing this enchanted holiday getting lost on a weekday, disappointing ghouls, goblins, witches and warlocks. Halloween deserves a Saturday to call its own, and we all deserve a Halloweekend."

To rally Americans, Silverstein recently marched up Capitol Hill with supporters Wonder Woman, Popeye, Scarecrow and Dorothy at his side. A concerned citizen captured never-before-seen video of the march which can be viewed at www.spirithalloweekend.com.

"Saturday Halloween will let adult and kids alike trick-or-treat earlier and longer, while adding more jobs to the economy," Silverstein added. "Halloween-related retail sales are as much as 30% higher when Halloween falls on the weekend versus a weekday. Halloweekend could mark a turning point in global economic recovery."