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Is Functional Training Really Functional?

Functional simply means that an exercise has a functional benefit to everyday life. Whether you are helping someone move into a new apartment, working in the yard, or playing a game of tennis all these activities are three dimensional and require balance and stability, not just strength or power.

California Hospitals Urge Nurses Union to Stop H1N1 Scare Tactics

The California Nurses association has called for an Oct. 30 strike at 39 hospitals across California, Nevada and Arizona. Although CNA claims that the strike is about H1N1 preparedness, the labor union has publicly acknowledged that it is in contract negotiations or organizing campaigns at these same hospitals.

Feeling Stressed by Anti-LGBT Politics?

Have you noticed your hair turning grey with the constant attention to Proposition 8, “Don't Ask, Don't tell,” and the Defense of Marriage Act? Do other people mention in passing that you seem stressed or tired? Don't panic!

Body Mechanics 101

Ahh… the seasons are changing. Summer is over, fall is upon us and soon we'll be decorating our homes for the holidays (not to mention preparing for houseguests). This may mean moving heavy furniture and vacuuming areas that haven’t been touched in awhile, or repetitive bending to clean floors, showers, etc.