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Today is Opening Day for Padres, and questions abound

The historic logo is there for everyone to see. They call it the Swinging Friar. Some wonder if it will be the Swing & Miss Friars. The 2010 baseball season is upon us, with new ownership calling all the shots.

The Athletic Supporter: Gay sports are big in San Diego

In an upcoming post I’ll talk about some of the stereotypes we LGBT athletes face, but first, let me shock you by saying I estimate there to be a total of about 5,000 of us here in San Diego, actively involved in some kind of sport on a weekly basis throughout our local community.

Q Psych: the power of forgiveness

To forgive or not to forgive is one of our life choices. It is important for our own emotional well-being to understand that it is a choice and a choice with consequences.

Athletes in Action: step back, step forward cha-cha-cha

Group exercise classes have really changed throughout the years. Take a “step” back in time and a step forward with the newest and hottest group exercise class to hit the gyms and clubs in years—Zumba.

Senior Services Summit is launched

Members of senior organizations who attended the event learned how they could increase coordination, provide higher quality services, identify critical needs and shortfalls for seniors in the community and share ideas as well as success stories.

In consideration of fiber and fat loss

When a new client comes to our facility they are bombarded with our emphasis on a diet high in fiber. We just can't remind them enough, "If you want to continue to drop your body fat levels you need to be sure you are Fibering (yes I made that word up) it up!