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Gay men’s body image: A psychological revolution

The gay unicorn never compares himself to anyone. He has an intimate knowledge of who he is and he is not interested in who he is not. Who are you now and who can and should you be tomorrow?

Bed death relationships: Steps to get those sexual cravings back

The reasons for bed death can take many forms - the stress of the daily grind, medical conditions, addictions, even shame. Here are some methods to bring your bed back to life and get you back in touch with one another.

Q Nutrition: Is salmon really good for us?

Salmon is touted everywhere as the number one food to eat because of the great health benefits it beholds such as omega 3 fatty acids. Including salmon in your diet for health benefits can’t be disputed…EXCEPT…all salmon are not created equal.

The Athletic Supporter: Courage on the mat

Rosen made history that day because a little over 10 years ago, she completed the transition from a male to a female. On Friday, April 23rd, Donna Rosen became the first transsexual woman to compete in a mainstream, nationally sanctioned wrestling event.

Gay men’s body image: An insidious distraction

Young gay men often don’t know any better but are searching for an image to compare themselves to. When they find images of the modern gay clone, they then have a template for what they believe a loveable and accepted gay male should look like.

World Cup stars show off their chisled bodies in Vanity Fair

Famed lesbian photographer Annie Leibovitz convinces some of the world’s greatest soccer stars, heading to South Africa next month for the FIFA World Cup, to don their designer briefs and show off their perfect abs.