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Q Psych: Addictions come in many forms

Life becomes a series of daily choices – to choose the behaviors of the healthy self and not those of the addictive self is not easy, but find out how you can tame your addictions.

VIDEO: Eight great bodyweight resistance exercises, tips

Personal trainer Doug Balzarini performs eight bodyweight training exercises designed to target every major muscle group in the body, including pointers on correct form and modifications to make the exercises easier or more challenging.

Nutrition: The over-rated calorie

What good does it really do to count calories when a portion of junk food can contain the same amount of calories as a portion of something highly nutritious? Get the facts about calories and calorie counting.

Art of Fitness: Explaining the myths about muscle and fat

The majority of misinformation revolves around fat loss and developing a toned and tight midsection of the body. Read about two popular myths and correct methods for handling each one.

Q Psyhc: Understanding anger

Think of anger as a tool for survival. When we perceive a threat, we experience a fight or flight response. That is, we will either struggle to head off the treat or we will flee the situation.

Q Nutrition: Statin, let’s put it in the water!

Isn’t it interesting that all too often we see advertisements for cholesterol drugs such as Lipitor, Vytorin and Crestor, as well as other drugs, telling us that this is the drug we should be taking, yet we can’t go out and buy them! Right, but they want us to rush to the nearest doctor and tell them that “this is the drug I want to take; I think I need to take.”