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Need for gloves and masks at UC San Diego Health units

The University of California San Diego is asking for the public's help by way of donations of masks, gloves and face shields.

These items should be medical-grade and can come from salons, tattoo parlors, spas, etc. 

Below is more information and how you can help:

Are you a needy gay? You should be

Psychotherapist and YouTube personality Matthew J. Dempsey continues his virtual YouTube sessions with his latest talk, "Why Gays Should Be Needy."

Matthew is tackling the subject of relationships and how expressing your needs and adhering to boundaries can lead to something you both want.  

Everyone relax, experts say gender neutral dolls aren't harmful to kids

Everyone relax, experts say gender neutral dolls aren't harmful to kids.

Late last month Mattel successfully merged into the 21st century with a new genderless Creatable World doll line, some have praised the toys for their ability to allow children to decide the sex of their dolls if any, but some have said that's not a good thing. 

It's back to school, and to some it's terrifying

Our youth programs have grown so much that this year we were able to hire our first Youth Programs Coordinator, YLA graduate, M Valladolid.

It’s back to school time around San Diego County!

While some are excited to return to their favorite teachers and friends, for far too many LGBTQ youth this can be a terrifying time of year.

Trump says if re-elected: "We will eradicate AIDS in America"

Some big assertions were made by President Trump at a rally in Cincinnati last Thursday. He told a cheering crowd that if he gets reelected he will end AIDS and childhood cancer.