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Fitness and Diet

The Perfect Post-Workout Meal

You’ve made it to the end of your workout, sweaty and so pumped that you can’t reach your head anymore. Your stomach is fired up and ready for a huge meal. You feel you’ve earned a big meal. But is that going to capitalize on your efforts?

This is Why You Are Wasting Your Time at the Gym

Fitness trainer Brian White lays out some guidelines that will save you time in the gym, build a strong and vibrant body, increase your lean body mass and most of all- burn more body fat than you ever have before.

Fitness and Intuition

David M. Zappasodi holds a BS in Exercise Physiology, is a N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer, and is a Certified Metabolic Typing Practitioner.

Is Functional Training Really Functional?

Functional simply means that an exercise has a functional benefit to everyday life. Whether you are helping someone move into a new apartment, working in the yard, or playing a game of tennis all these activities are three dimensional and require balance and stability, not just strength or power.