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Is "Queer Cancel Culture" ruining our progress?

Is "Queer Cancel Culture" ruining our progress?

"Cancel culture" is a powerful tool when used properly, but if abused it can end up leaving conversations that should happen between both sides unspoken, and that is not healthy for either group.

Can you "age out" of the LGBT community?

Matthew J. Dempsey sits down with longtime friend Eric Rutherford to discuss growing older in the LGBT community.

Psychotherapist and journalist Matthew J. Dempsey has covered many topics in the LGBT community and this week he's discussing one which affects every human being: age. 

In the notoriously agist LGBT community, the term "daddy" carries with it a few connotations. One, to describe someone who is older, and two, someone who prefers to date and care for younger men. 

Shrink Wrap: Help! I have feelings for someone else

"Confused" is in a longterm relationship but having feelings for one of her friends. Find out what advice our relationship expert offers her.

Shrink Wrap: A boyfriend with two identities?

Helpless in San Diego has found plenty of clues that his partner is leading a double life, and apparently has been for quite some time. Read what advice Jennine has to help the one left out in the cold to move on.

Shrink Wrap: My girlfriend is smothering me!

Don’t just say, “I am a lesbian” and leave her with that. Walk her through it step by step why you define yourself the way you do, and share with her what it is like to be with woman vs a man. Better yet explain why you prefer to be with her out of everyone.

Shrink Wrap: Conflicted in Chula Vista is split over concept of gay marriage

Change inevitably happens within any culture, and your concern and anticipation about departing from the established norm in our community is completely understandable. We simply do not know how our community will evolve as we add the marriage variable into our culture.