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How 'they' got so lucky with that body

Grant Foreman

There’s a risk when I’m honest with people about the process that’s involved with making permanent changes to one’s physique. At the onset of a new training program, or diet change, the motivation is strong. Most are open to the idea that it’s going to take real work over an extended period of time.

But come two months in, with weight slowly creeping off, it can begin to feel like an insurmountable battle; the “end” unattainable.

This is why there are a million “challenges” that you can enroll in which only last a month or so. Then the challenge ends, you’re left with the same lifestyle you had before, and the weight begins to come back on.

Let’s try something. Think about someone with the body type you admire.

Now think about the kind of daily dedication they have made to maintain this body. Despite what you may tell yourself, they didn’t just luck into that physique.

That’s where the real admiration should be held, the knowledge that without constant effort these people wouldn’t be as they are. Are you also ready to value yourself enough to maintain some of these same healthy habits?

We do so many things daily, like brushing our teeth, that we accept as necessary and move on with our lives. Yet, when I say that every meal is an exercise in mindfulness and that you should have some form of vigorous activity daily, some of us feel overwhelmed.

I write often about this idea of valuing yourself and what you’re doing to support that self-worth.

We live in a culture that values money and possessions. You can actually be deemed “successful” EVEN IF you have no time for the gym, no time to cook a real meal, no time for your partner, and no time to be spent with the friends you love, all as long as you have money!

What if that value system was flipped? Now all those things that contribute to happiness and well-being are a priority, money is made to support them.

How different would your life look?

You don’t have to move to Europe to decide that this is a value system you want in your day to day.

Begin by placing one aspect higher on the priority list, like quality time with a loved one. Once this becomes second nature try adding in another priority, like time in the gym. Eventually you will have created a unique priority set that is beneficial to you, not one that you’ve accepted just because it’s “what’s done”.

Hit me up with your motivations to change at writegf@gmail.com, or if you need help in a new direction to take with your health.

This isn’t about some beauty contest. This is about quality of life. Big stuff, and you can handle all of it.