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Community health centers join efforts

Judith left the American Indian Health Center on First Avenue dragging her walking boot all the way to the bus stop across the street. The community clinic has ordered her a brace to help the arthritis in her ankle, and to avoid surgery.

“It hardly hurts,” said Judith, who didn’t want to reveal her last name.

This 55-year-old has been attending the American Indian Health Center for almost 14 years. Her insurance covers most of her treatments. Of the ones that aren’t included, like dental, they give her a discount.

“I’m going to have a nice porcelain tooth and I paid it right with my credit card, $611,” Judith said.

In 2014, 441,754 people in Southern California were underinsured or didn’t have any insurance, according to a count of the Council of Community Clinics (CCC). Most of them are from low-income families eligible for Medi-Cal, but most doctors won’t take their insurance.

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