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Christmas causes splits - finds UK survey

With a whole host of decisions to make in the lead-up to Christmas, it seems that some of us are also going to use the festive season as a reason to end our relationships.

Weekend eight greats: CIF Bowl Games and bad Santas

A welcome reprieve from the holiday-themed events is Friday's CIF State Football Championship Bowl Games, where two local prep teams will battle for state titles.

Profile: LaserAway San Diego

The holidays are coming and everyone wants to look their best. LaserAway can help.

The love-hate relationship with alcohol

Nobody will deny the social lubricating effect that alcohol has on an otherwise timid and shy person. But because it's so attractive, and because it's so easy to have too much of a good thing, alcohol is very easily abused.

Documentary explores living with HIV/AIDS

Living without a Label: a Documentary on HIV/AIDS is a brief film in which Marvin and Arlene, two individuals living with the disease, discuss what life is like for them. SDGLN.com contributor Jennine Estes, a local marriage and family therapist, is the woman behind the idea.