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Is 30 minutes of exercise right for you?

When you push yourself to an uncomfortable intensity level- that is when your body is burning its most body fat. So if you want results- you need to be a little uncomfortable. The goal is not to destroy yourself until you puke, it is too push yourself enough where you may not be able to hold a conversation and your heart rate is elevated.

Health care reform: Gay provisions likely to be lost in conference

The Senate on December 24 gave its approval – on a 60-39 vote – to a health care reform bill, a historic move but one that does not include any of the pro-gay provisions adopted in the House version of the bill.

New Year’s resolutions and why we break them

The point at which we reflect on the past year and ask ourselves the question, “Whatever happened to that resolution I made 12 months ago? It was a good idea at the time, but it seems to have somehow slipped my mind.”

The inner and outer of it all

Our external environments are reflective of our internal environments. This is the concept I want to discuss today, because it’s one that I feel is very important to health, although not always in an obvious way.

From “really good" to "really bad” relationships

Have you ever been in a relationship that went from "really good" to "really bad" within a few seconds? What happens when the relationship bond drastically changes before your eyes?