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One size does not fit all

Have you ever wandered through the nutrition aisle at Borders and thought, how can all these “experts” be saying literally opposite things about the same subject?

Health in Our Community: An Acupuncturist’s Perspective

These days, as my peers and I are in our 40’s, 50’s and beyond, I am increasingly surrounded by friends who remind me of the importance of paying attention to the messages our bodies send us.

Resolution time

Health Club owners love this time as membership sales increase dramatically, while avid workout buffs dread the first two months of the year as it becomes more difficult to get on a piece of exercise equipment at the gym.

Porn and relationships

It is common for individuals and couples to view pornography….in moderation. Concerns arise when porn is no longer viewed in moderation and becomes out of control or problematic in a relationship.

Call to action: LGBT health care coverage threatened

Decades in the making, these LGBT provisions are now being threatened in the final stretch of health care negotiations, with lawmakers vowing to deal with contentious provisions in private.