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Life Beyond Therapy: The power of silence

Recently, I was asked to co-facilitate a workshop with the above title. I wasn’t really sure I wanted to do it. After all, I thought, “What’s so great about silence?”

So, I did some research and was surprised at what I found out.

I discovered that silence has great power to make our lives calmer and better. No matter where we live, there’s a tremendous amount of “noise” in our lives: both internal (our racing, over-analytical minds) and external (the intense, crazy world that’s all around us).

How can we find some silence, or do we even want to? Are we afraid of silence? After all, what would we do with an empty space, with all that nothingness?

During November, December and early January, there is an unusual amount of external “noise” called “the holidays.” Finding silence during this time is especially helpful. It’s so easy to get lost in other people’s expectations.

All the “shoulds” can make you crazy: You should buy amazing, expensive gifts; you should be happy; you should go to lots of fabulous holiday parties or you’re a loser; you should be generous; you should forgive your family for being selfish/mean/foolish.

See what I mean?

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