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Gay psychic offers advice in the cards, and he wants to read one lucky SDGLN reader

Note from the Editor: Waylon has an incredible story, not only has he overcome being gay in the highly conservative south, but he also realized he had a very special gift at a very young age. Since then, he has been called upon by many people who rely on his gifts to help them overcome some difficult issues in their lives. Now, Just in time for Halloween, he wants to give one lucky SDGLN reader a personal reading. Here's his story and an opportunity for you:


My name is Waylon. I’m a 38 year old gay man living in a small college town in East Texas. It’s not always the easiest life, being right on the buckle of the Bible Belt in a world where everyone knows what’s going on in everyone else’s life.

Being gay is strike one; not being Christian is strike two. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in God and have deeply held spiritual beliefs, but they are not Christian in nature and that just does not do it for most people around here. And then there’s strike three…I’m a psychic medium who speaks to the dead.

No, really! It’s true. It’s been true since I was about eight or nine years old. I don’t remember exactly the age, but I do remember when I first realized that what I could do was something that wasn’t normal. If you’ll come with me on this little journey, I have a special opportunity for you at the end of this article.

In certain areas of the south, we have what are called cemetery homecomings. It usually happens on a Sunday afternoon and families gather from all over the area who have family buried in a certain cemetery. Everyone gathers and brings food and we have picnics and socialize and spend some time pulling weeds and sprucing up the gravesites of our departed family.

I remember wandering among the graves and seeing another boy about my age. I started talking to him and we were playing. An older lady stepped over to me and asked what I was doing. I told her and told her the name of the boy.

She looked intrigued and asked me to describe my friend. As I did so, she began to cry. The boy told me to tell her not to cry and that he was okay and happy where he was.

I was obviously confused but repeated what I was told. It was about this time that my mother wandered over and asked what was going on. The lady looked at my mother and said, “My brother. He can see my baby brother.

He died when we were very young.” At this point, my mother snatched me up and carried me away, scolding me for making up stories and hurting people’s feelings. I was adamant that I was not making things up, but she was having none of it.

I realized that she and the lady really couldn’t see the boy, but it was still a couple of years before I put two and two together and realized that it was because the boy was dead and I, for whatever reason, could see him while they could not. I had also learned by that point that it was probably better for me to not speak about the things I saw.

It’s a tense situation for a young person, especially when, by that time I was beginning to realize that I didn’t really like girls the same way that all the other boys in my class at school did.

Time went on, and I did my best to ignore both my blossoming sexual orientation, and my ability to see the dead. Both were becoming harder to ignore.

The world is literally full of spirits. For every one person you see, there are three that you cannot, but I can. They all have a story and when they know you can see them, they almost insist upon relaying those stories.

In my late teens and when I was readying myself to attend college, I decided it was time to really put time and effort into developing my abilities to see and understand what I was seeing if for nothing else than to find some peace.

I began to read for people, not only talking to spirit, but also using the tarot and other divination decks to give them some peace, and I was amazed at how helping them deal with loss also allowed me to deal with the issues going on in my own life.

This brings me to the opportunity I mentioned at the beginning of this article. I’m offering, in association with SDGLN, you a chance to win a reading done by me which will be published here on SDGLN. The entry process is very simple, send an e-mail with your questions or a description of the situation for which you are seeking answers to spiritvox@gmail.com by October 1.

I’ll make a decision and notify the winner of their reading and it will be published on SDGLN close to Halloween. There is no situation too heavy or light. If you need the help, I want to do everything I can to offer that help. Think of it as Dear Abby with a psychic twist.

I cannot wait to hear your stories and see where this new journey may lead us.