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Fast start fitness for men over 40

Give me a break, if you think you can be super diligent during the work week, only to drink and eat out all weekend and expect to have a six pack, it doesn’t work that way. You can still look like you are 20 with your clothes off, but it comes with hard work.

Gaydar in the age of the internet

Many people use websites as a supplement to their relational development, and online dating sites are of special significance to many gay males and lesbians in the initial stages of the coming out process.

Hot yoga poses unique obstacles, challenges

I popped into the first class I could and learned an important lesson - you should never, ever drink alcohol the night before a yoga class. Hot, strenuous yoga and alcohol do not mix. I do not recommend it.

How to stop smoking- naturally

Another New Year has passed, and thousands are making the resolution, for the first or fiftieth time, to quit smoking.

Taking it off

Last month SDGLN Editor Margie M. Palmer officially put herself in the hands of fitness & nutrition columnists Dave Zappasodi and Craig Morgan. Although they've banned her from eating Italian food, the results of this experiment have been impressive enough that she's just about forgiven them.

Burn calories for weight loss: your DNA

If you are worried about your weight, or even just concerned about your body mass index (BMI), you are certainly not alone. Recent surveys have shown more than 70% of Americans are struggling with their weight.

Carlsbad Half Marathon - guide to a great race

The 2010 Carlsbad Half Marathon, perhaps the finest of the San Diego area halfs, is coming up this Sunday. Here is what you need to know to have a successful race - unless you measure success by how fast you run.

Carbohydrate metabolism: how do we burn carbs?

Certain foods upset the delicate balance and produce a huge tidal wave of insulin. These insulin spikes can then lead to faster, easier fat storage as the body starts to resist the insulin’s efforts.