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Czyczynska: Tiger Woods is one type of tiger that could kill

Regardless of whether he heals his marriage, overcomes his desires and gains back his fans and endorsements, one glaring omission needs to be addressed from Tiger Woods’ long list of confessions. It’s the issue that matters most. Not once did Woods take responsibility for the physical harm he introduced to his family when he introduced other women to his proclivities.

Five hot workouts shaping up San Diego

I put myself through this rigorous – but fun – assignment to reveal the off-the-beaten-path workouts that would entice anyone from those new to exercise to the seasoned athlete, or anyone in between who may be looking to spruce up their fitness routine and challenge their bodies in a new way.

Commentary: Tiger Woods must follow statement with action

Tiger Wood, who was always held in such high regard, used self critical terms like irresponsible and selfish. He spoke of money and fame and a feeling of entitlement to do whatever he wanted, with whomever he wanted.

Shaun White, McTwist take San Diego to Vancouver

I’m not even going to attempt to describe Olympic snowboarder Shaun White’s new signature trick, other than to say if you didn’t see his second run, find the video and watch in awe.

Feeling Ill? Exercise Do’s and Don'ts

When your body is at full health, the lowered immune system is not a problem and yes this stress on it will ultimately allow it to become stronger over months of good exercise. Yet, if you are beginning to become sick or feel the signs of an illness, exercise can make what would have been a mild bout more serious.

Working through grief and loss

The withdrawal that many people experience as a consequence of loss takes the form of grief and mourning. It is perfectly normal to experience grief when we lose someone close to us, and there is no one correct way to grieve.

Sexual enlightenment through the art of Tantra

The topic of sexuality makes many uncomfortable because of the pressures, rules and “norms” embedded into society and our diverse cultures. Sexual enlightenment, however, is not so much about achieving an orgasm as it is about healing and living consciously by connecting to something bigger than yourself.

Commentary: Exercise has great benefits

Every day we get up, stretch, and then flop back down on our beds, groaning as we fumble for the snooze alarm. We work too hard. We eat poor foods. We smoke. We drink. And we never get enough fresh air, sunshine and exercise.