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Opinions sought on regional bike network routes through Hillcrest

Bike routes are coming through Hillcrest as part of SANDAG's Plan for a Regional Bike Network throughout San Diego County. One of the Bike Routes will run east and west, connecting Old Town and North Park. This route is likely to make large changes on the street(s) it takes.

There are three possible routes: Robinson/Pennsylvania, University, and Washington. Currently, the University option has risen to the top.

The University option is expected to lose 91 parking spots and impact the medians, but will provide a more direct route to Hillcrest businesses. The Robinson option is expected to lose 3, go via a more residential route, but may not be if doable because of Hwy 163 considerations. The Washington option is not expected to lose any parking spots, but is a busier and wider street with limited connectivity considerations to North Park Bike Route, which is likely to go down Meade.

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