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Scott Herman's Getting Fit VIDEO: Seated single-leg extension

This leg routine is INTENSE! One thing I like to do is switch it up and isolate my quads. I know a lot of people don't like the leg extension machine, but if set up properly can work wonders.

Incorporate SINGLE-LEG extensions the next time you do legs in the gym. By doing one leg at a time you can make sure you are secure in the seat and that your quads are doing all the work.

Work with a 3 - 4 second negative during each rep as that is where you break down the most muscle tissue to be REBUILT later!

Also, make sure your butt NEVER leaves the seat. If you go too heavy the weight of the pad as you push with your leg can cause your butt to lift from the seat thus reducing the tension in your quads.

4 sets of 15 reps PER LEG!


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