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Speed skater Anastasia Bucsis "so proud to be gay"

CALGARY, Canada -- Canadian Olympic hopeful Anastasia Bucsis describes herself as “vanilla” and “boring.” The Calgary athlete’s life is centered on training – six to eight hours a day, six days a week. Even when she announced to family and friends she was gay two years ago, the speed skater didn’t want her sexual orientation to become her whole identity.

While gay athletes are often guarded when it comes to disclosing their status to the wider world, or discussing the politics of sex, Ms. Bucsis is now speaking out, about her own sexual orientation and against the anti-gay rights law of Russia, host nation of the Sochi 2014 Winter Games.

Ms. Bucsis had told her family and close friends two years ago that she is gay, but she decided to make a public statement this weekend at Calgary’s Pride parade to underscore her opposition to Russia’s law, tweeting and and talking to The Globe and Mail about “being so proud to be gay.”

“I could never promote that message of concealing who you are with all of this going on in Russia. I’m kind of happy that I did it on my own terms,” said Ms. Bucsis, who is hoping to qualify for Sochi in long-track speed skating.

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