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Basketball coach comes out to his high school team

Anthony Nicodemo thought yesterday would never come. Growing up in a traditional New York Italian neighborhood in the Eighties, the high school basketball coach heard jokes and gay slurs. Sports, where he has worked all of his adult life, was a place to hide your sexual orientation, not declare it.

Yet there he was Monday afternoon, standing before his Saunders High School basketball team in Yonkers with sweaty palms and butterflies churning his stomach, about to come out to his players. While Nicodemo had decided long ago his sexual orientation couldn't mix with his professional life, that was suddenly about to change.

It's been only the last couple months that this moment was remotely possible. Nicodemo had finally found people in sports like him while dabbling online at Outsports and with the Equality Coaching Alliance. Last week, surrounded by 100 LGBT athletes, coaches and advocates at the Nike LGBT Sports Summit, he was, in his words, "speechless."

His two disparate identities were suddenly colliding.

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