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Lesbian and bisexual women risk HPV cervical cancer

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Many lesbian and bisexual women risk their lives unnecessarily. They are not often tested for HPV, the virus that can lead to cervical cancer. In fact, because of a misconception, many doctors tell lesbian and bisexual women that there is no need for HPV testing.

“Lesbian and bisexual women are at risk of contracting HPV, which is the cause of 99.7% of cervical cancers. Therefore all eligible women, regardless of their sexual orientation, should have regular cervical screening,” said Robert Music, director of Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

A survey by Stonewall.org said “lesbian and bisexual women were often excluded from routine testing for cervical cancer.”

Also, the survey found that these women were afraid or reluctant to be honest “about their sexual orientation with healthcare professionals as they feared stigma and discrimination.”

In addition, “Many women said they had been wrongly advised they did not need screening and some had even been refused screening as they only had female partners. Women respondents also said healthcare professionals had asked inappropriate questions or had wrongly assumed they were heterosexual.”

Because the HPV virus can infect women of every sexual orientation, polyDNA suggests that lesbian and bisexual women take Gene-Eden-VIR, a natural HPV remedy. This antiviral oral supplement helps the immune system clear the HPV virus.

Gene-Eden-VIR is designed to fight against the latent HPV virus. A recent post marketing clinical study showed that Gene-Eden-VIR is safe and effective. Up to 70% of those studied reported a decrease in HPV symptoms.

Each ingredient of Gene-Eden-VIR was chosen through a scientific approach. Scientists scanned thousands of scientific and medical papers published in various medical and scientific journals around the world to identify the safest, most effective natural ingredients that target the latent form of HPV.