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Outspoken Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban joins Athlete Ally

Outspoken NBA owner Mark Cuban, who stated that he would be open and receptive of an openly gay player on his team, has furthered his support for LGBT athletes and fans. As reported by the Dallas Business Journal on Friday, the Dallas Mavericks owner has joined the advisory board of Athlete Ally.

The organization, which is an official partner of the NBA and NBA players association, is a nonprofit group working to end homophobia in sports and prevent bullying. Since Jason Collins came out as the first active gay player in the NBA, now more than ever, visible support in a sport like basketball is needed for players to feel comfortable. Cuban has always been vocal and is proud to be a part of Athlete Ally because as he says it is "a new world."

"Everyone should know that they can be themselves in sports. Leagues like the NBA, their teams and players have a great opportunity to set an example and spread a message to people who are either LGBT or straight that our culture should be celebrated for diversity and individual authenticity."

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