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Speak Up With Jimmy: Australian Olympian Ji Wallace | VIDEO

In this first episode of Speak Up With Jimmy, I talk with Ji Wallace, the 2000 Olympic silver medalist in trampoline from Australia. After coming out publicly as gay in 2005, Ji came out again last year as HIV-positive when he saw a TV interview with diver Greg Louganis during the 2012 London Olympics. In this episode Ji talks about running the L.A. marathon, online dating sites and speaking up for people who live with HIV/AIDS.

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Jimmy Nguyen is an award-winning digital media lawyer, equal rights advocate, speech expert, and media commentator. In 2008, Lawdragon named him one of the 500 Leading Lawyers in America. Jimmy was named to a 2012 Huffington Post list of "Most Influential LGBT Asian Icons" and the Advocate magazine's 2010 "Forty under 40” list of top LGBT persons. He is a creative producer of the "it gets better" theater show. Jimmy hosts the "Speak Up with Jimmy" web series, writes for his own website at JimmyWin.com, and is a regular contributor to SDGLN. Follow him on Twitter @JimmyWinMedia.