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Robbie Rogers, the other gay athlete | VIDEO

On the heels of the announcement by NBA player Jason Collins, ABC News Nightline on Monday aired an interview with Robbie Rogers in which he meets his family for the first time since revealing he was gay in February.

Rogers is filmed as he enters his family's home in Southern California, looking around for his mother. They eventually rush out to greet him with hugs.

"It was a time of sadness in a way to think that there had been something that my son suffered with maybe, by himself," his mother, Theresa Rogers, told ABC News in the family kitchen. "And then it was a great moment of joy to think that we were all together and that we can share it and start something new."

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Many are now wondering how serious Rogers is about making a comeback after the LA Galaxy gave him an open invitation to work out with the club though the Chicago Fire hold his MLS rights.

A Monday story about Collins on SI.com indicated that Rogers was driving "to a Los Angeles Galaxy tryout" as he called to congratulate Collins on his decision to go public.

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