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Michael Kimmel, California Men’s Gatherings to host relationship workshops

(This post originally appeared HERE in San Diego Uptown News.)

Psychotherapist and writer Michael Kimmel is partnering with the California Men’s Gatherings to offer a two-part workshop titled “Monogamy or Open Relationship?” that addresses monogamous relationships within the gay, bisexual and transgender men community.

“Here in California, same-sex couples had the ability to get married and hope to have it again. But let’s not assume that everyone in the LGBT world wants to get married,” Kimmel said in a release.

For some people, the marriage question is secondary to this question: … Do we believe we can be happy with only one person for the rest of our lives?”

The workshops occur April 10 and 12 at The San Diego LGBT Community Center, located 3909 Centre St. in Hillcrest.

Cost is $15 at the door for each night, or $25 for both. Kimmel said participants could attend either or both workshops.

For more information contact Kimmel at beyondtherapy@cox.net or 619-955-3311.