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Monogamy, emotional monogamy, and open relationships

Of all my columns, the most popular – by far – is on monogamy and open relationships. I also did workshops on this topic in San Diego and Los Angeles a few years ago, and sold out both cities. Why is this topic such a hot one? Let’s begin with a few questions.

Ask yourself:

• For me, what would be the purpose of an open relationship and of monogamy?

• What are the pros and cons of each?

• What does “emotional monogamy” mean to me?

• Could my partner and I remain emotionally committed to each other while having sex with other people?

Here in California, we had the ability to get married and hope to have it again. But, let’s not assume that everyone in the LGBT world wants to get married. And if we do, is the hetero model the one we want to emulate?

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