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Adam Winter Lifestyle in Hillcrest has grand opening | VIDEO

SAN DIEGO -- Popular personal trainer Adam Winter has opened his new studio in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego.

Adam Winter Lifestyle is located at 1727 University Ave. in a 1,500-square-foot light and airy studio.

The grand opening will take place on Saturday, March 9, from 4 to 6 pm. All are welcome to stop in to meet Winter, see the studio, partake in smoothies, healthy juices and snacks, and receive a special introductory offer.

The mission of Adam Winter Lifestyle is to provide a holistic approach to health and fitness for individuals of all ages and physical abilities striving to transform their lives as well as to help athletes improve their overall athletic performance.

Winter’s vision is to deeply impact and encourage his clients to joyfully live a mindful and conscious life that fully integrates healthy eating, movement and holistic care that leads to individual transformation and growth.

Dedicated to a holistic approach to conscious living, Winter said he believes all clients have the capability of achieving a healthy, balanced and peaceful life. This requires evaluating the body as a whole and developing an exercise plan that uses functional movement patterns to improve posture and structural alignment, agility and endurance. Incorporating massage therapy and healing touch into his empowerment plan, Winter said his approach also facilitates a greater body awareness which ultimately leads to a more fit and vibrant life.

Meet Adam Winter and his staff

Adam Winter, a Chek level 2 practitioner, is a positive, empowering coach, an intuitive massage therapist and a trained nutritionist.

Working with clients to develop a healthy, pain-free and balanced life, Winter's approach includes nutrition evaluation, structural assessment, a movement/fitness plan, and the integration of massage therapy. Using an “Inside – Outside” analysis, checking inner systems, performing functional tests, and assessing strength and posture, he develops individualized fitness and health plans based upon needs and goals of his clients.

For more information or to make an appointment, visit HERE or call 858-722-6190.

Other services also at Adam Winter Lifestyle include Human Touch Massage and Bodywork by Jackie Apostol and Next Level Skin Care by Candace King.

Human Touch Massage and Bodywork helps office workers in coping with forward neck syndrome, back tension, and contracted shoulder problems, as well as numerous other office-related conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Apostol’s clients range from adolescents to seniors, and from casual and professional athletes as well as other health care professionals. She personalizes each session based on the client’s needs and wants, combining several techniques as appropriate. She also has experience assisting individuals suffering from HIV and car accident-related injuries. For appointments, visit HERE or call 858-231-4618

Candace King, licensed medical aesthetician and owner of Next Level Skin Care believes everyone deserves healthy, glowing skin. Her goal is to workout, re-build, and replenish her clients’ skin and customize an optimal maintenance plan for "next level" skin health and rejuvenation. King is devoted to addressing skin wellness for everyone customizing each appointment to her clients' specific needs and goals allowing them to receive the most optimal and achievable results possible. For appointments, visit HERE or call 619-218-1098.