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Liz Carmouche of San Diego loses UFC's first-ever fight involving women | VIDEO

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Heavy favorite Ronda Rousey retained her bantamweight title against San Diego resident Liz Carmouche on Saturday night at the Honda Center in the UFC’s first-ever title fight involving women.

Carmouche also made history as the first openly lesbian fighter in the UFC. The ex-Marine trained at the San Diego Combat Academy.

The bout was called at the end of the first round by an armbar submission, according to USA Today. Carmouche had Rousey on the ropes early with an effective neck hold, but the champ escaped.

"I thought I had it," Carmouche told USA Today. "Like everything, you make a mistake, and it turns around. I thought I was going to get her with the neck crank."

Rousey is an Olympic bronze-medal winner in judoka. She is 7-0 in the MMA and 1-0 in the UFC.

Carmouche is now 8-3 in the MMA and 0-1 in the UFC. After the fight, she tweeted: “I gave 100% tonight. Thank you for your support! I shall return.#lizbos”

On Monday morning, Carmouche tweeted to her “lizbos” fans: “Happy Monday #lizbos #Lizbros! Thanks for all your love & support I shall Return!”