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Women and girls in sports to be celebrated

SAN DIEGO -- National Girls and Women in Sports Day (NGWSD) will be observed on Wednesday, Feb. 6, to focus on the accomplishments of women athletes and the increasing number of women involved in athletics since the passage of Title IX, the federal regulation that increased revenues for women’s sports in schools.

Co-sponsored by a number of women’s organizations, this year's NGWSD will mark the 41st anniversary of Title IX and women have come a long way in sports during the past four decades.

When Title IX was enacted, there were virtually no athletic scholarships for women. Today, female collegiate athletes represent over 40 percent of all varsity athletes.

For the first time in Olympic history, every team participating in the London 2012 Olympic Games had women athletes. Women earned 58 medals to put the United States atop the medal count.

This year’s NGWSD theme is “Girls in Sports – An Investment in the Future." This focuses on how participation in sports prepares girls for leadership roles in their future lives. Sports are a positive force in developing and promoting physical, mental, moral, social and emotional well-being for girls and women. Participation also builds self-esteem, communication skills, discipline and perseverance. These are all qualities that make a positive and significant difference in a person’s quality of life and level of accomplishment.

On Feb. 6, thousands of sports educators, coaches, athletic directors, recreation directors, students and parents will get together across the country to show their support of NGWSD and this year’s theme. I hope you will join them and show your support for the female athletes in your life.

For more information about NGWSD or for tips about how to organize your own celebration, visit this site.