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“We play softball — and we’re here to recruit you!”

SAN DIEGO — Want to play softball?

America’s Finest City Softball League (AFCSL), San Diego’s only LGBT softball league, is now welcoming new players!

With three free Player Recruitment days coming up in the month of February, there are plenty of opportunities to come out and join over 500 LGBT athletes of varying skill levels, from beginning to advanced.

“It doesn’t matter if you were born with a ball in your hand or have two left feet,” said Roman Jimenez, Open Division Commissioner. “If you want to play a fun and challenging sport, be a part of a team, meet new friends and you’re willing to learn, then we have a team for you.”

AFCSL is expecting almost 40 teams this year and because of its size, breaks teams into competitive divisions, so like-skilled players are playing with and against each other. Even with competitive parity, the league boasts some of the best gay softball teams in the country.

“We’re kind of in our renaissance right now,” Jimenez said. “Over the past two years, we’ve had a few teams really step out onto the national softball stage and become remarkably successful.”

At the Gay Softball World Series last August, the all-men’s team San Diego’s Urban Mo’s Spikes took second place in the B Division, an improvement on the stunning achievement from another San Diego team, Loft B, which placed third in the 2011 Series. In the C Division, the all-male Hillcrest Brewing Company Outlaws finished in seventh place after a remarkable run. Between 2011 and 2012, the Outlaws won a total of four tournament championships to add to their impressive hardware

AFCSL’s Women’s Division does just as well, or better. Just this past month in Las Vegas, with over 160 teams competing in the largest weekend softball tournament in the world, AFCSL boasted the Women’s C Division Winner, Ballers, the Women’s B Division Runner-Up, Urban Mo’s, and the third place D Division team, Gossip Grill. San Diego hosted the Women’s Softball World Series in 2012 and AFCSL excelled again on the national stage.

“But it’s not just about tournaments and championships,” said Dani Goodlett, AFCSL Women’s Division Commissioner. “While we have some of the best softball talent in the country, we pride ourselves on being a home for those men and women who might have felt intimidated by sports growing up who want to experience what it’s like to be on a team, share that camaraderie and get out and play week to week. That ‘last kid picked for dodgeball’ is always welcome in our league and will always have a team.”

Perhaps it’s the open and welcoming nature of the league, competitive parity, or the opportunities for fun and exciting experiences here at home and in cities across the country that make AFCSL so appealing. Or maybe softball is so popular because it’s such a great value.

Player fees are only $55 and you get around 20 games during a spring season that stretches from March until early June.

Whatever it is, AFCSL is the oldest and largest LGBT sports organization in San Diego. If you want to play softball, here’s how:

Come to a New Player Recruitment day. It’s free and there’s no obligation.

Recruitment Days are:

February 10
Women's Division: 30 pm
Open Division: 4:30 pm

February 17
Open Division Only: 3 pm

February 24
Open Division 3 pm
Women's Division 4:30 pm

Recruitment Days will be held at the Adams Avenue Rec Center at Adams Avenue and 35th in Normal Heights.

Visit www.afcsl.org for more info. You can also follow us on Facebook. AFCSL is proud to have San Diego Gay & Lesbian News as our media sponsor.