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Burn calories for weight loss: your DNA

If you are worried about your weight, or even just concerned about your body mass index (BMI), you are certainly not alone. Recent surveys have shown more than 70% of Americans are struggling with their weight.

Carlsbad Half Marathon - guide to a great race

The 2010 Carlsbad Half Marathon, perhaps the finest of the San Diego area halfs, is coming up this Sunday. Here is what you need to know to have a successful race - unless you measure success by how fast you run.

Carbohydrate metabolism: how do we burn carbs?

Certain foods upset the delicate balance and produce a huge tidal wave of insulin. These insulin spikes can then lead to faster, easier fat storage as the body starts to resist the insulin’s efforts.

Health care reform's costs rattle states

Schwarzenegger figures the federal legislation would cost California, which had already expanded its safety net, an additional $3 billion to $4 billion every year. At the same time, the state is currently looking to close a $6 billion deficit in its current budget after plugging $60 billion in shortfalls throughout last year.

One size does not fit all

Have you ever wandered through the nutrition aisle at Borders and thought, how can all these “experts” be saying literally opposite things about the same subject?

Health in Our Community: An Acupuncturist’s Perspective

These days, as my peers and I are in our 40’s, 50’s and beyond, I am increasingly surrounded by friends who remind me of the importance of paying attention to the messages our bodies send us.