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Scott Herman's Getting Fit VIDEO: Floor crunch

Starting position

Start off by laying down on the ground. Put your feet together and keep them about 12 inches in front of your bum. This will cause your legs to form almost a 90˚ angle. Once in position make sure your back is arched and that your spine is in the neutral position. Keep your face parallel with the ceiling at all times as your lift your head. Only put your fingertips on the back of your head to make sure that you do not assist the crunch with your arms.


1. As you crunch make sure that your shoulder blades come off the ground.

2. Slowly return to the starting position while making sure your back is arched before you start your next repetition.

Special note

You do not have to go "all the way up" when doing floor crunches. You will disengage your abs and start to work your lower back. So if the focus is abs, do not go all the way up.

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