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Openly gay hunk Dirk Shafer releases fitness VIDEO

LOS ANGELES – Health and fitness guru Dirk Shafer, who is openly gay, is releasing a new fitness DVD in time for holiday shopping.

“Swapoutworkout” teaches anyone, regardless of their fitness level, how to build and keep a better body, Shafer said.

Recently turning 50, Shafer appeared in the fall issue of PlayGirl, 20 years after he was named the magazine’s “Man of the Year” in the 1992. A former model, Shafer is an outspoken advocate for LGBT rights across the globe.

Also, Shafer wrote and directed the indie hits “Man Of The Year” and “Circuit,” which were distributed worldwide and for which he won several film festival awards.

Shafer has been passionate about fitness since he was 13 and would clean a local gym in exchange for membership.

"Fitness is both my passion and my career. By creating this DVD, I wanted to share with a wider audience the valuable knowledge that I have accumulated over 20 years of helping people change their bodies and their lives … step-by-step," he said.

A University of Oklahoma graduate, Shafer has been in the fitness business for over 20 years. He has trained celebrities including Eric McCormack, Katy Perry, James Garner, Richard Dreyfuss, Tiffanni Thiessen and Olympic champion swimmer Greg Louganis. Over the years Dirk has studied with Pilates masters, top gymnastic coaches and fitness gurus. He has honed his teaching technique at leading gyms and health clubs in Los Angeles.

Shafer brings all his experience to the one-hour fitness DVD. His approach to fitness combines the elongating and core strengthening of Pilates, using balance, free weights and functional movements that mimic everyday actions. His DVD workout trains the essential muscles needed to negotiate our daily lives in the healthiest possible way.

He said he believes in using what you've got, and making the most of it and his fitness philosophy is that you are never too old or too unfit to start improving your body and your life.

The three main principles of the DVD are:

• Build muscle tone, increase balance, circulation and coordination.

• Train anywhere, at anytime, using almost anything you have available.

• Look great and feel great at ANY age.

Shafer says he speaks directly to the viewer, encouraging and explaining each movement in simple-to-understand terms while also illustrating how they are performed.