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Gareth Thomas on gay athletes, Mickey Rourke and coming out

When hunky Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas came out at the height of his sports career, he became one of the very few openly gay active professional athletes in the world.

Since his retirement from his sport last fall, Thomas was voted the most influential gay person in the UK, receiving Stonewall’s hero of the year award in 2010, and proved his credentials as a positive role model during his time in the Celebrity Big Brother house earlier this year.

His inspirational story is now being made into a feature film with Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke as star.

But before then, he is making wishes come true starring as the genie in a pantomime production of Aladdin.

The out and proud star will be polishing his lamp and flexing his acting skills, among other things, especially for the traditional British festive show at the Stiwt Theatre in Wrexham.

Gay Star News chatted to Thomas about his latest career move as a panto hero.

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