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Health tip: Why gel dermal fillers are workhorses of cosmetic industry

Gel dermal fillers are the workhorses of the cosmetic industry. What else can non-surgically alter facial contours, plump lips, straighten noses, accent cheeks and chins and provide a veritable magic wand for under eye hollows?

Hyaluronic gel fillers are the most adaptable fillers simply because they can be used anywhere there is a wrinkle, volume loss or need to correct an asymmetry on the face. Because of their ability to be dissolved, you are never “stuck” with a result you don’t like. The only downside is their temporary longevity, but even that aspect is improving.

The most popular fillers include Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm’s two formulas and new Belotero. Each has a tendency to be particularly adept at specific problems. Restylane is best suited for under eye hollowing as it holds shape yet is till soft and smooth.

Juvederm has been the #1 lip augmentation product since its entry. Belotero stands to be multi-use with a particularly unique ability to work well in fine lines and wrinkles which require very superficial injection.

As an Injection Trainer, Dr. Nasrin Mani has expertise that goes beyond most practitioners; and as a trainer, her staff have the benefit of daily mentoring and accelerated skills.

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