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Lambda Legal launches mobile resource for LGBT youth

NEW YORK -- Lambda Legal today announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind online and mobile resource for LGBT youth.

The "Know Your Rights" hub will ultimately make all of Lambda Legal's resources more accessible online as well as on mobile devices including smart phones. The first hub was developed for LGBT youth and will provide comprehensive information about the laws and policies in place at the state and federal level to protect young people.

"Lambda Legal has launched a mobile resource for LGBTQ youth that is the first of its kind in the nation to make information more accessible online," said Leslie Gabel-Brett, director of education and public affairs. "Perhaps more than any others, young people are skilled at finding information on their phones. Based on the calls to our Legal Help Desk, we know that LGBTQ youth in crisis -- whether they are being bullied in school or rejected by their families or homeless -- need to be able to access information about their rights and the laws in place to protect them, as quickly as possible. This new resource will allow young people across the country to have critical information at their fingertips."

The "Know Your Rights - Youth" resource hub is a comprehensive tool for LGBT youth and includes legal and advocacy guidance on an array of issues: bullying, student speech and expression, proms, dances and dating, issues facing transgender youth, gay-straight alliances, creating a safer school, LGBT allies, and youth in out-of-home care settings.

Lambda Legal is planning to expand the "Know Your Rights" hub in 2013 to include other critical resources for LGBT people facing discrimination.