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San Diego team wins Gay Bowl XII in Denver

DENVER – The San Diego Bolts won Gay Bowl XII in Denver on Sunday, beating the New York Warriors to claim the title.

After going 2-1 in the round-robin round, the Bolts were seeded sixth in the A-Division playoffs. The Bolts zapped the Salt Lake City Avalanche 47-32 in the first game, then shocked the third-seeded Phoenix Hellraisers 32-21 to advance to the semifinals. The Bolts then whipped the second-seeded Los Angeles Empire 40-32 to advance to the championship game against the top-seeded Warriors.

It nearly was an all San Diego championship as the fourth-seeded San Diego Toros, which also went 2-1 in the round-robin round, advanced to the semifinals by beating 13th-seeded Cleveland Rockers 28-19 and the fifth-seeded Washington Generals 21-20. But the top-seeded Warriors defeated the Toros 20-13 to send the San Diego team to play for third place. The Los Angeles Empire edged the Toros 20-19 to claim third place.

The amazing story of the weekend was the uncanny success of the San Diego Sharks, seeded last (No. 30) in the entire tournament. The Sharks swept the round-robin round and was promoted to the A-Division playoffs as the No. 16 seed. But in the first playoff game, the top-seeded New York Warriors shut out the Sharks 19-0. The Sharks then lost 46-19 to Denver Summit 1 in the game for 15th place in the tournament.

San Diego was not represented in the women’s tournament, which was also conducted over the weekend in Denver. The top-seeded Denver 303 won the title, beating the third-seeded Brooklyn Mavericks.

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