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Gay Paralympic athlete Lee Pearson wins silver medal

LONDON -- Gay equestrian athlete Lee Pearson has won a silver medal at London 2012.

Winning the second prize at the dressage on Sept. 1, the Briton and his horse Gentleman were pipped to the post by Australian Joann Formosa who made his Paralympic debut.

Pearson came top of his category (Ib), just, on (Aug. 30) but was hampered by poor weather conditions.

But winning the preliminary meant the 38-year-old stood an unassailable advantage over the other competitors.

One of the most successful Paralympic athletes of all time, Pearson was hoping to win his 10th gold in his Paralympic career.

Pearson was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenital, a rare disorder meaning his muscles grew like scar tissue in the womb, leaving his limbs twisted.

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